Hi there, Im Andrea


As the founder of The Job Of Calm Canine Services, I can't wait to work with you and your pup. My goal is to support you in giving you and your dog the best and most fulfilling relationship possible. Driven by my own experience with anxious and reactive dogs, I understand that what works for one dog doesn't necessarily work for the next and sometimes you just need a little bit of support. At The Job Of Calm we believe that every dog deserves patience, love, persistence and dedication. Our dog's ancestors were bred for specific tasks and our furry friends THRIVE on having a purpose. We believe a happy dog is a dog with a job and our goal is to help teach YOU to teach your dog the job of being calm.

What Makes Us Different

At The Job Of Calm you can rest easy knowing that your dog is a part of our pack and will be treated like our very own. Built upon the basis of dedication, respect and reliability we build relationships with dogs and their humans that last. 

Our group walks are kept small and dogs are matched up based on their personalities to ensure the best experience for everyone. Group walks will have no more than 3 other dogs and our doggy daycare will be with no more than 2 other dogs at any time.

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