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What We Do

At The Job of Calm we understand that your goals for your dog are your own and we want to work with you to help you achieve them. We work with each dog as an individual and ensure that every dogs biological and social needs are being met with a balanced and open minded approach. 


We understand that what works best for one dog doesnt necessarily work for the next and we pride ourselves on being non judgemental and understanding in our approach to working with dogs and humans of all backgrounds.


Rooted in positive reinforcement and reward based systems with a LIMA approach we teach you how to communicate with your dog effectively, build a solid foundation of basic obedience and create structured socialization oportunities whether you are working with a new puppy or an anxious rescue. 



Our Team

Andrea : Trainer

Taking a positive reinforcement based approach for the first year of our relationship I felt like although we had made great strides and progress our daily lives were still incredibly challenging. I researched every method I could find, worked with various trainers and even enrolled in a Dog Training program at Canine Academy to learn as much as I possibly could but the most important learning Ive done and continue to receive has been hands on in our day to day lives learning from each client and their relationships with their dogs.

Truly the only consistency I have found in working with dogs is that what works best for one dog doesnt necessarily work for the next. We are working with individuals from dogs to humans and there are emotions involved, preconceived notions about 'the right way' and even trainers who have been in this industry for a very long time can get stuck in their ways.

When I started The Job of Calm my only goal was to help others learn how to improve their relationships with their dogs and it continues to be the foundation of my business to this day. I am and will always be forever grateful for every dog I have the honour to work with and I try to keep an open mind with each one in order to allow them to teach me what works best for them.

My own dog Nova continues to teach me about determination, consistency, patience, boundaries and how to keep an open mind every single day. Our goals for our relationship have shifted over time and continue to shift as our relationship grows. If there is one thing I would love to be able to help every owner achieve its a sense of pride in the relationship they have developed with their dog and to help instil an open minded approach to continued learning with their dogs.



Jess: Structured Group & Private Walks 

I’m Jess and this adorable guy is Bronson my 5year old Chinese Sharpei. Bronson has lots of energy and he loves a good stroll through high park or tagging along around the city. We love our pup and have always been interested in learning more about dog training and how to accomplish structured walks. 
Having the opportunity to join The Job of Calm team was a perfect fit for me. I have learned so much in my short time here and am eager to continue expanding my knowledge. Helping our dogs and seeing their progress has been such a wonderful experience.


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